A Brief Biography

my headshotAfter majoring in Math at University of Illinois, Urbana, IL, Leland earned a teaching certificate (counts for half a Master's Degree), and then started his programming careert in Chicago. After being immersed in Mainframe assembler language, and then CICS online programming, he worked for a handful of software vendors in training and tech support.. These companies provided a thorough background and training in various programming languages and database technologies.

A hobby of programming in C++ lead to several software products including yacht race management, market data analysis, and then website development using PHP to support those products.

Leland's focus then led to websites for small business and non-profit organizations. Then on to large corporations working on industrial strength websites. Leland's diverse programming and technical background, and a high priority for making web applications easy to use, has producted a wide range of applications to support any business need.

It takes many tools to build websites today and he keeps up with technology with membership in various computer user groups including Uniforum Chicago.